Parallel slide valves

Cast Steel Gate (Parallel Slide) Valve. Flanged cast steel full bore gate (parallel slide) valve with spring loaded discs. High Pressure Parallel Slide Gate Valve.

High pressure and temperature parallel slide gate valve. The eyelet follower (conduit) design . Hopkinsons Full Bore Venturi Parallel Slide Gate for steam or feedwater. We recommend Hopkinsons Full Bore Venturi valves when a gate valve is .

The ValvTechnologies’ Parallel Slide Gate Valve (PSG) addresses advanced design features and benefits and the need for true in-line valve reparability in. Manufacturers of Industrial Marine Valves. NPS – (DN – 600); Pressure rating: ASME Classes 6- 4500; Standard connections: Socket wel Butt weld.

Pressure seal parallel slide gate valves . Velan bolted bonnet parallel slide gate valves are ideal for clean service and high temperature steam. Stronger, leakproof bolted body bonnet joint ensures . FLUITEK ORSENIGO VALVES has very extended experience in manufacturing Parallel Slide Pressure Seal Bonnet valves. All Pacific Forged gate valves are provided with T-head stems. Disc Assembly: The parallel slide disc assembly consists of dual floating discs and a disc .

Double Block Bleed Parallel Slide Gate Valve. Full Bore, Standard Bore and Reduced Bore Parallel Slide Gate Valves. A parallel slide valve seat achieves tightness by utilising the line pressure, rather. MVS21Long Pattern MVS21Long Pattern upwards. Large Bore Parallel Slide Valves – All Products The HH range of pressure seal parallel slide gate valves are designed to ASME B16.

Parallel Slide Gate Valves – Double Disk. Providing tight shutoff under the most severe conditions, this exclusive disk and wedge . KVT OM Manual, Hi-Fluidic Parallel Slide Gate Valve. Spring Loaded Parallel Slide Gate Valve.