Parkside pressure washer review

The Lidl Parkside PHD 1Dis a surprisingly high-spec pressure washer for the price, which looks like a bargain for dealing with everyday dirt and grime in the garden. But is it as powerful as claimed and does it clean quickly and easily? Our researcher tried this pressure.

Mar 20- The popular £Lidl Parkside PHD 1pressure washer goes back. Bosch AQT 33-pressure washer to find . Lidl’s new ‘Saturday Highlight’ pressure washer, the Parkside PHD 1D3. Read our first review of how well the Lidl pressure .

I have just purchased a Parkside pressure washer from Lidl. Parkside Pressure Washer 2100w £89. Was looking for a good pressure washer, bought the 1bar Parkside before . Mar 20- Parkside Petrol Pressure Washer – £179. Its very good for the money and years guarantee is best! Therefore I’m after a pressure washer that will be good enough for my car.

Parkside 1Bpressure washers coming in on . Apr 20- Pressure washers can cost anything from £up to more than £500. A good starting point to finding the best one for your needs is to work out .

I bought a Parkside Pressure washer 3-months ago, i just used it today for the second time, the water is spraying out throught the lance handle, I. Jun 20- Noticed that my local Lidl had Parkside pressure washers at £79. Just wondered if anyone had bought one and what they thought?