Philmac float valves

Philmac’s unique and compact trough valve is essentially a float valve but has. The extensive range includes quality brass valves and high impact, UV resistant. Valves play an integral part in the performance, management and control of water quality, flow and pressure within a pipe system.

Philmac’s float valves for agricultural applications include the stock-proof trough valves, high flow float valves, plastic sleeve valve, plastic horizontal float valve . Philmac float valves for plumbing applications include the cistern valve and brass float valve range. The valves are ideal for water tanks, incorporating Philmac’s . Philmac’s high flow float valves have been developed to meet the industry demand for a. Philmac’s specialist float valves for industrial applications include the servo tank filling valve and stainless steel float valve ranges. Philmac manufactures a broad range of valves. Each valve is designed to cater for an array of applications.

Poly Ball Valve; Float Valves For Agriculture . These Philmac Float Valves are made from the toughest materials of the highest quality designed for various applications such as irrigation and plumbing. Philmac Plastic Valves including MDPE valves Polypropylene valves: a range of versatile valves used for servicing the Rural, Irrigation and Plumbing . How to adjust the Philmac Float Valve for differing water levels. The all new Philmac Float Valve Solution can comfortably replace water faster than your stock can drink it, whilst withstanding the toughest conditions.

The Philmac Blue Handled Ball Valve is ideal for the control of water within a pipe.

Philmac Float Valve Rig – Foot Valves and Float to be purchased separately . Philmac Float Valve Brass Arm and Ball. Philmac Float Value Brass Arm and Ball . Float Valves , 20mm Long Tail Philmac Float Valve (300mm Lever Arm) , Float Valves Balls , order online, discount prices. Based in Cork we are Ireland’s sole importer and distributor of Philmac products. The Philmac Series 2(high flow) valve is the perfect valve for stock watering.

A tough body combined with a new cam and . Buy the best Philmac products online at Smart Water Melbourne, the leading store for quality irrigation and.