Pipe speaker design

Mar 20- One of the first transmission line speaker design, featured a pipe to guide the back waves. The length of the pipe was of the wavelength of . I’ve been searching for some designs with PVC sewer pipe, and would be interested in any designs and listening experiences. The sound quality was closer to an old neighborhood theatre, or amusement park skating rink, than a modern speaker.

The tube electronics helped sweeten . Puedo poner altavoces en cualquier cosa, así que por qué no tubería de PVC. A diferencia de algunos otros constructores de altavoces, estar seguro de que .

Jan 20- The sound level demands for side and rear speakers in a music. It is placed at the end of a (9mm) long PVC drainage pipe, an . With a loudspeaker mounted at one end of the tube, essentially closing off that. Quite a few transmission lines have been designed which have bends in them . Jun 20- New Loudspeaker Design Yields Deep Bass from Small Sealed-Cabinet. The vent is usually a tube (circular or rectangular in cross section).

Derivation and Correlation of a General Acoustic Model for a Fiber Filled Transmission Line Loudspeaker.