Pneumatic flush valve problems

Here is a video of how I repaired my push button toilet flush which was not working. Anyone know how these pneumatic flush cisterns are activated? I bought a Conceala cistern from the internet and a Gerberit pneumatic flush button.

It’s a dual flush cistern, the bellow on the left i have removed to photograph it but if i push that white button with my finger the. Free repair help – toilet air button not flushing. Oct 20- I believe its the flush valve seal.

The problem could be an overflow, but I suspect that it is a modern push . Feb 20- Diagnose and Repair: the first thing to look at is the Dual Flush Valve of the concealed Cistern, and how do you get to this Flush Valve? Jan 20- Discuss Dual flush toilet problem in the Plumbing Forum area at. Was the half flush button actually pressing on the button on the flushing valve. Watch as he gives some helpful hints for how to manage and repair a slow flushing toilet.

I must say, these are helpful tips that I had never thought of. Aug 20- The flush is on the front of the cistern, where you’d find a traditional flush, not on the top, if that makes any difference to the repair. Push Button Toilet Cisterns – How to Solve Common Problems with European.