Pressure limiting valve 350 kpa

The Tomson inline pressure limiting valve (PLV) limits supply pressure to a pre-set. Available in 350kPa, 500kPa and 600kPa.

No tools required to service valve, all valve seats and piston are contained in the easily . I installed a brass domestic pressure limiting valve ( 3kpa ) , it has a good flow rate ( can’t remember now , something like 50lts a minute ) . Pressure limiting valve in 350kpa with back flow prevention.

FPV inline pressure limiting valve with dual check non return. This Aquaport pressure limiting valve with dual check function has a built in dual check valve which prevents back flow of water into your mains water. RMC’s PSL Pressure Limiting Valves control inlet supply line pressure to a preset maximum to prevent over-pressure situation.

Mar 20- PS Pressure Limiting Valves are ideal for installation with high pressure. Use when installing a water filter system to .