Primatic cylinder no hot water

The system is a old back boiler with a primatic cylinder and a single header. Radiators working fine, but no hot water and the primatic cylinder is cold. Also all pipes around cylinder is cold.

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If your primatic tank leaks, you can no longer fit these. Dec 20- My father has an oil fired AGA cooker that heats his hot water, there is no central heating in his house. It connects to a primatic hot water.

Any suggestions for getting hot water working again? If you have no port valve, it will be a Gravity system. Some Gravity systems dont have a small tank, they fill up by the large tank, as they use a Primatic cylinder.

Sorry but a primatic hot water tank will not work with a power shower,if. Primatic cylinder, there was almost no trace of . Firstly, the type of cylinder you describe (known as a Primatic cylinder – where system (hot water is stored in a cylinder at mains pressure, with no loft tanks). I am trying to remove a Primatic hot water storage tank. The main feature of a Primatic cylinder is that no storage tank is needed for the heating circuit.

Free repair help – primatic cylinder hot water c heating ok.