Professional plunger

Comes with x adaptors to fit most sink, bath, bidet and shower wastes. However, having spent lots of time with a plunger, hands down the toilet bowl, a plumbers snake and overnight soaking with a drain cleaner. Seems to be produced for sink blockages but it worked for my toilet.

Monument 1459W Master Plunger Sink and Waste Pipe Unblocker £10. Looking to stay updated on Amazon’s Trade Professional selection? Johnny Jolter Professional Power Plunger Clears toilet clogs like a pro by using water not air to easily clear the clog with just one push One push, no mess and . Find more Plungers in our Drain Equipment category at Trade Counter Direct.

A bathroom without a plunger is like a car without a spare tire! These professional quality, plumber’s choice, force cup toilet plungers make easy work out of big, . Large Professional Plunger Waste Pipe Unblocker. This large large plunger is a practical tool for removing blockages in baths, sinks, shower traps and waste . Monument PANGO Professional Power Plunger.

Monument 2161X Professional Power Plunger – Multitool Accessories.