Puk pipe

YOU MUST BE YEARS OR OLDER TO PURCHASE A PUK PIPE. The glass PUK design is a roun high quality glass, (puck shaped) self-containe six-chamber smoking pipe. The solution is the Puk Pipe, so named because the shape resembles a hockey puck!

The revolutionary design of the Puk Pipe includes six bowls that can be . Starting with some Trainwreck in the bong and then some Cherry OG, Larry OG, Purple Alien OG, Flo and. PUK Pipe Pyrex – Six-Chamber Glass Pipe Made of heat resistant, low expansion Pyrex borosilicate glass, the PUK Pipe is high quality glass pipe, about the . Nov 20- Glass pipes are there in all different kind of shapes, colours and sizes, but this shape was yet to be seen.

PUK takes pride in offering the finest, most evolved pipe design in the world. Built to withstand all your pocket can throw at it, this perfect travel smoking pipe allows you to smoke your product without spillage.

The pyrex glass PUK is a roun high quality hockey puck shaped design, hence the name PUK. It’s a self containe six-chamber smoking pipe featuring an . Up in Smoke, Pipe, Award Winning, Puk Pip, High Times Winner. Apr 20- Video review of the PUK Pipe, a multi bowl glass pipe for on the go smoking. Nov 20- Back In Stock – The Award Winning PUK PIPE! Ali Bongo – Ali Bongo Online Head Superstore Blog.

PUK Six Shooter Glass Pipe The PUK Pipe is the worlds first all pyrex glass six shooter pipe. It is held together with a magnet in the middle. It is a self containe six-chamber smoking pipe featuring an . The high quality glass PUK is a round self containe six-chamber smoking pipe. The PUK Pipe’s clever six-chamber design allows you to have a fresh bowl . Jul 20- The sleekest and compact glass pipe we’ve seen in a long time, the PUK Pipe is easy to transport, offers clean and easy use, and is a .