Pump up mast

Pneumatically or manually extended masts for military and civil applications. A wide range of telescopic masts for all requirements in heights up to 34m. M GALVANIZED HEAVY DUTY TELESCOPIC PUSH UP STEEL MAST TOWER.

PU push up telescopic mast by Clarks cost £20new. Clark SQTF – Meter mast with hand pump user manual. We have a quantity of 10M pump up masts at heavily reduced prices. These are available in anodised green and were part of a military order that was over .

Our products include Telescopic Masts, Lighting Masts,Push Up Telescopic Masts, Pneumatic Telescopic Masts, Towers, Winch Operated Telescopic Masts, . New and secondhand towers, rotators and aerials also available. We also specialize in ex NATO pump up masts and we can supply Clark Pump Up Masts . The pneumatic telescopic mast provides the perfect platform to raise a multitude of different types of antenna to the required height. Remote Control of a Pneumatic Pump Up Mast like the Clark SCAM. The Clark SCAM makes an ideal mast which can support a large array of antennas. The Clark Scam mast is a military grade pump up mast that is a proven design and used all over the world as ground mounted and fitted to military vehicles.

Clark Masts QT portable masts may also be extended using air sources other than the hand pump supplied. Rotatable QTX-R masts of and metre heights are now also part of the 20QT.

Clark Masts Australia Asia-Pacific factory distributor, Portable Masts Australia Pty Ltd. Teksam Company NV, Tekmast Teklite portable lighting mast Australian Service Agent Spare Parts Stockist. Portable Masts Australia Pty Ltd are pleased to serve Clark Masts pneumatically. I renewed the rubber seals of the segments, and the years old military mast works again ! Put my Galaxy Son top of my antenna mast to see the line of sight , turned rotator for full 3view. Integral or separate hand pump; Twin lock section clamps; Ø24mm quick release.

When pumping I could hear air escaping from the top tube and the mast would not pump up. Apr 20- Alternatively the masts are packaged up for field deployment—using. Remote Control of a Pneumatic Pump Up Mast like the Clark SCAM, . Remote mast control using a Clark SCAM Pump up mast.

Clark Masts, based on the Isle of Wight, are manufacturers and suppliers of a wide variety of pneumatic . Telescopic Air Operated Masts are available in extended heights ranging between and metres and can support headloads from 2kg up to an impressive . Clark Masts Portable Mast Systems and Teklite Portable Lighting Products. Poles, Pump Up Masts, Portable Towers, Pneumatic Masts, Antenna Masts, .