Puretec filter cartridges

Puretec’s extensive range of water filter cartridges utilise leading edge technology to ensure that cartridges last longer whilst removing maximum impurities. Puretec’s taste and odour removal carbon cartridges effectively remove chlorine, chemicals and taste and odours from the water supply to the home resulting in . Tank Master stock or can supply the full range of Puretec and Puretec Basic products. The Puretec range has been designed for the worldwide market from . PureTec water filter system, replacement filter cartridges or replacement RO membrane. Caravan Filter Kit, twin housing, with PL0and MC011-S cartridges. Carbon Block Maxi Plus Cartridge, inch, . Safer, cleaner water is yours with Irrigation Store’s great range of puretec water filtration systems for your home or office.

Buy online and save time and money! Puretec water filters are manufactured to the highest standards for a world-wide market so you can appreciate. QT12R Pure Tec Quick Twist water filter cartridge used in QT12TQT12Tand QT12Tsystems. Products – Aquastream stocks a wide range of Purtec water filtration and treatment systems as well as replacment water filter cartridges for fast shipping . The Puretec Carbon Block Series cartridges are highly effective in reducing, taste, odour, chlorine, and sediment.

The ultimate for beautiful drinking water. SupplyEXCELLENT FOR DRINKING WATERThis cartridge out performs the rest. SPECIFICATIONSRating Micron Fine Size 10.

Quick-Twist Replacement Filter Cartridge. This listing is not include faucet or installation kit. This Item only include Replacement Puretec Filter . Puretec water filter cartridge There are products. Here at Water Filters for Fridge, you can find the PURETEC water filter replacement that you need at a . Puretec QT12R Water Filter Cartridge.

The QT12R reduces chlorine, taste, odour, chemicals, sediment and cysts, leaving all vital . Features Benefits The filtration efficiency is 0. PureTec Compatible Filter Cartridges. The PureTec can be used with a variety of TFF Membrane and Hollow Fiber filter sytems, from several manufactures, i. Puretec Fridge Replacement Filter Cartridges. Small Diameter, Short Length Carbon Filter Cartridge.