Puretec x7

The PureMix Xsystem is designed specifically for applications with higher sediment and harsher water quality such as rural supplies, areas with older pipe . Connect the Puretec Xright into the kitchen tap water supply, so any water coming out the kitchen tap is filtered! This system has been engineered to provide .

The Puretec Puremix Xis engineered to give maximum flow performance for both low and high pressure water systems. The ability to filter rain, harsh, rural and . Puretec Xpuremix high flow water filter system. Great tasting, healthy water on tap.

Product Description, Item Code, RRP, Price, Quantity. PURETEC PUREMIX XHIGHFLOW INLINE WATER FILTER SYSTEM Includes filter cartridge, filter head . Genuine Puretec X7-R Platinum PureMix Replacement Water Filter Cartridge – Ideal for severe water issues, old homes and rainwater. The All NEW PureMix Xhas been engineered to provide maximum flow performance for lower pressure and.

With levels of filtration, the PureMix Xfilters out sediment, rust and dirt down to micron. Important Note: Use only genuine Puretec replacement cartridge. The Puremix X7system eliminates the need for a separate tap by utilising a single state of the art technology filter that maintains a high flow rate whilst still . Large range of Puretec water purifiers.

Under-Sink Water Purifier – Multi-Filter Technology.

Puretec Puremix X- High Flow – Multi-Filter Technology . Puretec Puremix Xin Water Filters. I have put the new model Puremix Xcartridge into my current system (X7-R), and found i am getting . Puretec Group Introduces the new Puremix XHighflow inline water filter system. The system comes with years warranty and is watermark approved. The ALL NEW PureMix Xhas been engineered to provide maximum.

Puretec water care products are designe manufactured and supported by Puretec Pty . PureMix X- Faster flowing systemThe All NEW PureMix Xhas been engineered to provide maximum flow performance for lower pressure and high sediment . X7R, PUREMIX QUICK TWIST X7-R CARTRIDGE REPLACEMENT, $113. PUREMIX-Xnew highflow undersink water filter system.