Quadrajet carburetor vacuum diagram

I always see a lot of questions about what various vacuum ports do on a Quadrajet. Mar 20- Diagram your Quadrajet carburetor Rochester Quadrajet carburetor identification numbers. The carb setup I have for it is a Quadrajet on an Edelbrock.

Some models will have diffrent vacuum lines, etc, which you can plug etc. The ported vacuum source on the early Q-Jets is the port on the forwar driver’s side of the carb just above the idle mixture screw. Vacuum ports on a Quadrajet – GM Square Body – 19- 19GM. Instead of trying to find a vacuum line for each port on the carb to attach to .

Hello all, Where do you connect the vacuum lines that come off vacuum switch on the air cleaner? Also if someone could look over the other . Rochester Quadrajet Carburetor Port Identification – posted in Second. The metal line lookslike a vacuum line to the transmission modulator.

Now my question is where do the vacuum lines all go. Mar 2009Vacuum Diagram 19GMC K10postsJan 2006More from forum. Jun 20- It has a big port (brakes) and two smaller ports. It’s what I had planned on using, but if I should be taking vacuum from the carb itself, I’ll do that.

Jul 20- Here are some pics, I’ll try to get some better ones tonight. AutoZone Repair Guide for your Emission Controls Vacuum Diagrams. Vacuum hose diagram for 19Vengines-3cu.

So, we have no idea where many of the vacuum lines go, especially those. Chevy with quadrajet, HEI, EGR (what’s left of the system), . The quadrajet is a great carb for any SBC esp a 3bPG trans. Here, this should help with the front vacuum lines at least.

Rochester quadrajet carburetors graphic quadrajet front vacuum break adjustment late models with an adjusting vacuum hose routing of . If so, hook the distributor up to a manifold (vacuum at all times) port, whether on the intake or at the carb, and see how itit.