Rainbank alternative

Sep 20- Hello rain water gurus (I’ve seen a couple of them posting here)! I’ve just fund out that my Rain Bank switch (Davey’s) is mixing mains water . I just thought I would post my recent experience with my Davey Rainbank.

Due to its age I’m guessing it is from an earlier model as I note that . Dec 2016Rainsaver device problems Alternative Technology. Jun 2015Pressure tanks – pros and cons Alternative. Jul 2012Growling in Rainbank Alternative Technology Assn.

Davey Rainbank died – are these crap? Save up to of your precious mains water by connecting your tank to your toilet, washing machine and garden tap. The new Generation RainBank automatic rainwater harvesting controller allows the priority sourcing of rainwater for toilets and laundry, only using mains water . Davey’s RainBank type systems would provide an excellent promotional tool to encourage this alternative use for rainwater within the home . Skagit County will consider rainwater collection as an alternative source for potable. RainBank Rainwater Systems would like to thank Skagit County Planning .