Redring 500s shower problem

Q: Can a Redring shower be connected to a cold mains supply? Q: Water is leaking from the bottom of my unit, what could be the problem? Nov 20- Make of shower is redring, model expressions 500s.

Free repair help – redring expressions 50shower fault. Hi, I’am having the same problem exactly with the Redring 500S. KW Electric Shower 536730EX5008S. Redring expression 50shower for a while with no problems, but recently .

Is this a problem that can be repaired or is a new shower needed. The shower in question is a redring expressions 5if anyone has . Electric shower fits and starts to get goingpostsAug 2013Aldi showerpostsJul 2010More from forums. Water not heating up on redring expressions 500? It may be fixable, or it may not – not all showers can have the heater can replaced . The overheat fault sometimes auto resets after a time, if not then I would suggest a new shower as the parts are quite often to expensive to carry .