Rego lp gas regulator lv4403

LV230 240 250 LV440 and LV55series domestic LP-. Gas regulators manufactured after May of 1986. Classic Gold — Indicates a single stage .

High Pressure First Stage Regulators. Between First and Second Stage Regulators). LV230 240 250 LV440 and LV55series domestic. LPGas regulators manufactured after May of 1986.

The color coding system is standard on all 40. LV40 230LV230 240 250 LV440 and LV55series domestic LPGas regulators manufactured after . New Compact Twin Stage Regulators for LP-Gas LV404BLV404BSeries. The compact twin-stage regulator is designed to reduce container . Rego, Precimex, and Marshall propane regulators. A single stage regulator is designed for small outdoor appliances such as a gas grill.

Rego second stage propane regulator, used on the house.

FISHER LP GAS REGULATOR Type 924-REGO propane equipment? Rego LP Gas Regulator 450L LV44TR96. I had regulators, but am not sure which one I should be usinig. This is a Brand New Rego Low Pressure ( Brown ) LP Gas Regulator with part # LV4403B4. Second Stage Regulator (935Mj Capacity) LPG LV 44B.

When RegO LP-Gas Regulators are properly installe safe, precise, trouble-free. REGO First Stage LV44Series Regulator. RegO LP-Gas Regulators are UL listed and comply with applicable code requirements.

RegO LV44Series First Stage Regulators with Built-In Relief. The LP Gas regulator is called upon to deliver a very precise operating pressure to a load which can vary from pilot flow to wide open flow. Propane capacity based on PSIG inlet pressure and 9” W. Specially designed to mount RegO regulators where a bracket is required. Sep 20- As I write this, Drew, I am dial-up downloading from the Rego link that you provided. It looks like an LV44of some kind.

In its rest state, with no gas flowing, the Regulator Valve is wide open. Low Pressure Second Stage Regulators: LV44Rego; inlet pressure: 20psi (Bar) ตารางเปรียบเทียบหน่วย; outlet pressure range: 9~13WC (22~32mBar) . Rego ECII Low Pressure line Regulator 4403W-SLV44Series .