Reliable model a dry pipe valve

Reliable is one of the world’s largest producers of automatic fire sprinklers and sprinkler system control equipment. The Reliable Model A Dry Pipe Valve makes possible the installation of automatic sprinkler systems in buildings in which freezing temperatures prevail. Fairview Park Drive, Elmsfor New York 10523. The Reliable Model EX Low Pressure Dry Pipe Valve is a hydraulically operate differential latching clapper-type valve designed for use as a primary control . Reliable Model D Dry Pipe Valves are installed in the ver-. The Model A Dry Pipe Valve is installed with the inlet verti- cal in the main supply to the.

Reliable’s standard trim sets are compatible with. Reliable Models B, C, C- C- and D. Central Model C dry-pipe valve with Model AD accelerator and connections. The Reliable Model DDX-LP Dry Pipe Valve is a hydrau- lically operate differential latching clapper-type valve. Aug 20- Model “C” Accelerator and Anti-Flooding Device Assembly and Parts List 6-7.

Model “G-3” Dry Pipe Valve Trim Arrangement. A range of Reliable Fire Sprinkler Control Valves EX STOCK.

Reliable Model DDX-LP Dry Pipe Valves, complete with trim that includes a Model LP Dry. Valve Actuator, and only when used as the valve manufacturer’s . Photo 1: Three dry pipe valves on a common header. Photo 2: 19Rockwood Model A dry pipe valve . Model D Dry Pipe Valve – Reliable Automatic Sprinkler Read more about valve, clapper, nipple, valves, sprinkler and reliable. May 20- A differential-type dry pipe valve for a fire protection sprinkler system.

This valve design is very reliable and made from relatively few parts; . The installing contractor or manufac- turer should be contacted with any questions. Model DPV-Dry Pipe Valve, External Resetting. All the sizes of the Model DDX-LP Dry Pipe Valve trim sets may be equipped with the optional Reliable Model BAccelerator.