Retrofit non return valve

These unique and patented Retrofit Non-Return Valves can be simply pushed in to the existing pipework, whether plastic or clay, at the property’s inspection . Flexseal, Endeavour Works, Valley Park, Newlands Way, Wombwell, Barnsley S0UW. The Pvc inline non return valve is an anti-flooding device for use in horizontal pipes.

Drainage flap valves are designed to protect rooms on lower levels against flooding caused by backflow of storm water. This easy to retrofit non return valve fits into your manhole to prevent floodwater from flooding your home or business through the drains. Non-Return Valve – for 110mm Plastic Pipe – retrofit.

Not compatible with OSMA inspection chambers Description Our non-return valves can prevent sewerage being forced back up into a property during flooding.

Our non-return valves can prevent sewerage being forced back up into a property during flooding, whilst allowing normal operation to continue at all other. Non-Return Valve – for 100mm Clay Pipe – retrofit.

Retrofit Non-return Valves The Floodsave retrofit non-return valve features a simple push-fit design ensuring fast installation into existing manholes for quick . Flexseal Retrofit Non-Return Valve 110mm NRV- Buy Flexseals Range of Water Management Products Online from Drainage Central – Supplier of Above and . Our flood non return valve fits 110mm pipes and provides protection against flooding and back flow, the back flow valves are for sewers and drains. To assess the Water and Rodent Non-Return Valve as manufactured byThe. Manufactured in moulded polypropylene, it is designed as a retrofit device to fit . Replace the non-return valve in your EPDM seal version of the ProDose hand pump.

We provide a range of 110mm non return valve stainless steel valves for use in sewers and drains. If your have a rat problem we can supply you with the ideal . Checkmate providing inline check valve solutions. Tideflex retrofit to existing concrete pipe Checkmate inline rubber . The Non Return Valve (NRV) simply pushes into .