Round shower screen

Find out more about a range of bath shower . From smooth curved designs to a more edgy design suitable for an L shaped bath we have the ideal shower screens for baths. Contemporary glass shower screens are creating a more modern style for your bathroom thanks to their minimalistic design.

The folding shower screens enable you. Curved Shower Bath Screen Medium Image . Shop our full range of curved shower screens for baths at . Wickes Santa Fe Curved Shower Bath Screen.

A bath screen with its close-fitting seal will protect your floor from water. It offers far greater protection than a shower curtain, especially if you’re installing a power . The UK Curved Overbath Shower Screens shop. A huge range of Curved Overbath Shower Screens at crazy prices. Large curved glass bath screen specially made to fit Liberty baths.

It can be used on left or right handed baths, and also on the 1500mm and 1700mm baths. Curved bath screen designed to fit ‘P’ shaped shower baths; Dimensions: 720mm-curve of glass, Depth of Curve Approx.