Rpz valve

A reduced pressure zone device is a type of backflow prevention device used to protect water. ASSE Standard 10- Double Check Valve Assembly. Requirements for installation, on-site testing and maintenance.

Use the search facility to find an RPZ valve tester in your area. Type BA backflow protection devices are more commonly known as Reduced Pressure Zone valves or RPZ valves. How can I become an RPZ tester and be listed on the WRAS website?

This section explains our approach to Reduced Pressure Zone (RPZ) valves.

These are a device that protects against backflow, providing protection against the . Incorporates a double check valve with a reduced pressure zone for protection against back pressure and back syphonage; Protection against fluid category 4 . NPT – Type RPZ0- Reduced Zone Backflow Preventor to Category 4. Backflow preventer designed to protect potable water supplies . Reduced pressure zone valve assemblies (RPZ Valves) are used to protect water supplies from contamination or pollution.