Ruud silhouette ii gas furnace flame sensor

This video provides step-by-step instructions for replacing the flame sensor. Fortunately this should be fairly simple. When you look at the burners you will see a flame sensor by the left most burner.

Ordering Notes: The gas code is the first two letters of the unit’s serial number. This is the exact part that is on our Rheem Criterion II Furnace. Duralight Furnace Flame Sensor Direct Replacement For Rheem Ruud Weatherking OEM Part . I’ve read through the other threads about this model furnace and it seems that.

My Ruud Silhouette II has an electronic ignition that is functioning. The flame sensor has a single wire that goes between your ignition. Ruud Furnace Issue On Upgrade Board And Flame Sensor – HVAC. Ruud Silhouette natural gas furnace. Hi; I have a ruud furnace (UGPH-05EAUER) that wont stay running.

This light flashes about once every second while the gas is burning. May 20- A dirty flame sensor can cause furnace problems, including a furnace that won’t stay on. Though we will be using a standard gas-fired furnace for our example, boilers and other gas-burning. There is a flame sensor rod that makes contact with the flame usually on the opposite side of where the ignitor is, this usually needs cleaning .