Saxon heat pump not heating

Ask a question about Saxon SolarStar Heat Pump in Solar Water Heaters. They said its not cheap to replace the compressor. I have a year olds Saxon Heat Pump and the compressor started to cut out which of course stopped the water heating.

I had a refrigeration mechanic visit twice . Hi I have a saxon heatpump hot water system that is not working. The fan comes on but the compressor never cuts in. Every minutes or so it makes a .

Congratulations for choosing a SAXON Electric Mains Pressure Heat Exchange. Not recommended without a pressure pump, minimum supply pressure should. Installing a Saxon Heat Pump attracts up to Renewable Energy Certificates.

Affordable Saxon Hot Water System servicing repairs all areas of Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Their demise came about after their attempt to diversify into solar heating failed. Please note: We do not sell parts individually. Hi All, Came across this service manual in paper only format.

Could not find a PDF version on the internet and apparently Saxon no longer exist . Also know of another person having similar problems.

That’s sure bad news about the Saxon Heat Pump not working as what it should. So I am thinking that the heat pump is not working properly and the electric element is heating the water and this is why the power usage is so .