Saxon hot water system pressure relief valve

Specialising in Saxon hot water systems and Saxon Filler Valves. Congratulations for choosing a SAXON Electric Mains Pressure Heat Exchange. Water delivered from a heat exchange system gradually reduces in.

This water heater is protected by a thermostat and a pressure relief valve. SAXON COPPERFLOW SERIES – Heat Exchange Storage, Electric. Queensland TContinuous Supply (kW element).

The valve is a combination non-return and pressure relief device.

The non-return prevents the backflow of hot water into the mains supply. Saxon Copper Flow Electric-InstallerManual – Download as PDF File (.pdf), Text. See Installation in ‘Confined Spaces’. I’ll check with joe maybe he’ll have a video that might help me determine how to repair a hot.

These How to Plumbing videos are a must. Even if you feel you know everything. Mar 20- My hot water system started pouring hot water out of the overflow late Friday afternoon.

Id possible causes and found a LOT of people saying it’s the pressure relief valve. Jun 20- This valve acts as the relief valve in the system and is set at a lower pressure than the temperature and pressure relief valve.

Cairns Qld for Saxon hot water systems? Plenty of water pressure but it just comes out cold now except for in the laundry. My Saxon hot water system is leaking water out the release valve.