Saxon hot water system problems

I have a saxon electric hot water system, it was going beautifully until about 2-weeks ago. Obviously something isn’t right, anyone else had this problem? Saxon Electric Copperflow Series: customer reviews on Australia’s largest.

We have a Saxon hot water system and we are only getting luke warm water so I. We’ve had no problems what so ever, although we have to top it up every 6 . Affordable Saxon Hot Water System servicing repairs all areas of Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Fallon Solutions can repair and service your Saxon Hot Water System.

Congratulations for choosing a SAXON Electric Mains Pressure Heat Exchange. Water delivered from a heat exchange system gradually reduces in temperature during the. Saxon Hot Water manufactured a range of sizes and system types:. Water if your existing Saxon Hot Water system has one of the following hot water problems:. I have a 140L Saxon Copperflow Electric Heat Exchange hot water.

We had the same problem recently and also replaced the valve to no . HomepostsJul 2015Hot water system cold inlet dripping – Kitchen – HomepostsJul 2014Problem with heat pump hot water? Green tech100+ postsDec 2010Electricians or plumbers – HELP. Cleaning – HomepostsApr 2010More from forums.

Specialising in Saxon hot water systems and Saxon Filler Valves. Billy arrived right on time, diagnosed the problem within minutes and carried the parts on the van. Mar 20- My hot water system started pouring hot water out of the overflow late Friday afternoon. I called another mate that said it sounds like an earth problem with my electricity and to call Ergon . Our Plumbers can repair or replace Saxon hot water system.

If you have a problem with your Saxon hot water system then contact Metropolitan Plumbing on . If your Saxon hot water system is leaking from the overflow there are two common causes for this problem. It may be either a problem with the HPNR valve or a . If your hot water system seems to be running out of hot water rather quickly check to see if. IF YOU HAVE ANY FURTHER PROBLEMS WITH ANY OF THE ABOVE PLEASE.

SAXON Service Number or the local SAXON accredited Service Agent. Coil Exchange Hot Water System (Regal, Saxon or Braemer). Problems with your system can be due to electrical or plumbing issues, and that’s. If you need repairs or a replacement Saxon hot water systems in Brisbane . May 20- Another AusGamers forum classic thread: Hot water system advice.

It is a Saxon hot water system, over years old I am guessing. Has your Saxon hot water service gone cold? Is your Saxon hot water unit starting to leak?

Would you like a service to your Saxon hot water system? Saxon Copper Flow Electric-InstallerManual – Download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online. I note the Saxon system has a copper tank, so it won’t last as long as a stainless tank.

The solar hot water system storage temperature does reach at least degrees. Also know of another person having similar problems.