Schock sinks

SCHOCK produces granite sinks exclusively in Germany? Our roots are in Germany, but with the tools curiosity, dedication, courage, an international . The Schock Lithos 1is the embodiment of time-tested sink design.

Draining Board features practical grooves to prevent plates and glasses from slipping. Shop for Schock Kitchen Sinks from our Home Garden range at John Lewis. Bowl Granite Onyx Black Kitchen Sink Waste.

Bowl Croma Grey Granite Kitchen Sink.

Buy online from our range of sinks, taps, suites and . Schock is a world-leading granite sink manufacturer. With over years of experience in creating durable and stylish washbasins, the company has unique . Items – Our customers are able to purchase Schock sinks at reduced prices throughout the year, and our Schock sinks UK range is available with up to off . SCHOCK invented granite sinks and has been the world’s leading materials, design and performance innovator for thirty years. Bowl Moonstone Cream Granite Kitchen Sink Waste.

Bowl Onyx Black Granite Kitchen Sink Waste. SCHOCK PRIMUS GRANITE KITCHEN SINK RANGE 1. Schock Lithos D-1Cristalite+ Granite Kitchen Sinks 1.

Bowl Kitchen Sink FREE Glass Cover Boards. This range of kitchen sinks has been specifically developed with Schock, providing a comprehensive and stylish offer. Around of the material used in a SCHOCK sinks is quartz, the hardest constituent of granite.

The granite used in these sinks is combined with a high . Schock granite kitchen sinks are renowned for being virtually indestructible, they will not stain, mark or scratch. Schock Sinks Collection – the most durable sinks money can buy. Virtually indestructible Schock Granite Sinks do not stain, mark or scratch.

Schock invented the granite sink and has been one of the leading manufacturers worldwide for over years. All Schock sinks are made of durable and .