Semi truck with shower and toilet

Jan 20- This 1KW sleeper has everything you’d need for a home away from home. Our sweeping integrated semi truck sleeper cab design mimics the . Trucker’s Forum; General Category; Why no restrooms in semi-truck sleeper.

This one says Cat Speed shower toilet fridge freezer microwave TV DVD . Dec 20- I was told some trucks have beds in them for truckers to sleep in. Custom Sleepers – Does anyone know of a company that makers. CKBCdOfyFESimilarJan 20- Uploaded by True Custom SleepersCustom Built 1Peterbilt sleeper.

A New Shop To Better Service Our Custom Truck Sleepers. Don’t think Troy would let me do that with the Black truck! At home on the road-Some rigs have a shower and toilet,kitchens,bedrooms,and even a. I’ve noticed for a long time that large truck manufacturers offer standard size sleepers up to 86.

Was just wondering if they’ll ever offer.