Sensorflow 21 electronic control sensor

Demand for hygiene and water saving is met by a range of hands free electronic . Demand for hygiene and water saving is met by a range of no touch urinal controls. Sensor either surface or panel mounting, detects users presence and flushes .

Sensorflow Compact Urinal Flushing Device Demand for hygiene and water saving is met by a range of;no touch;urinal controls. The Sensorflow urinal flushing sensor is an electronic water control system for use with a single outlet.

Sensorflow uses proximity sensors to detect when a . Armitage Shanks Sensorflow Compact Deck Spout Mains Free shipping on. Armitage Shanks Sensorflow one taphole Counter top mixer with built-in electronic sensor. May be converted to timed flow version using a remote control. Sensorflow range offers every type of sensing brassware.

Shower and urinal flushing controls. Sensorflow wall-spout electronic,. Armitage Shanks Sensorflow Electronic Urinal Flushing Device Mains at best prices online (checked each day). Order now from Plumbase: Specialist .

Armitage Shanks Sensorflow One Taphole Counter Top Mixer With Built-In Electronic Sensor Multi Box at lowest prices online (checked daily). Can be used with the following Taps A4554AA Markwik wall mounted electronic thermostatic basin sink mixer with proximity sensor A4555AA Markwik 21. If you’re looking for a Armitage Shanks A4189XJ Chrome Sensorflow Electronic Urinal Control with Concealing Valve with Concealing Plate (Link Version) . The Sensorflow electronic valve is designed to control shower water supply. It will shut-off when being misused or vandalised.

These basin mount Sensorflow electronic products are designed for water economy hygienic. Hot water temperature supply should be controlled to circa. Armitage Shanks Sensorflow A4176AA Electronic Sensor Basin Mixer Tap Chrome.

Monobloc Mixer Bathroom Taps with Electronic Control . A range of sensor operated brassware with integral sensor. Sensorflow-21-Electronic-Spout_Images_Image17. Electronic mixer or tap for washbasins with 6V Lithium battery, solenoid valve and electronic controls. Free to use Sensorflow Compact Urinal Flushing Device BIM object from Armitage Shanks. Sep 20- Sensorflow Electronic Spout (A4171;A4172;A4122).

Sandringham SL Dual Control Two Hole Bath Filler (E5069).