Servo winch spool

I started off using a old tire pressure gauge I had laying around. Here is a link on how to turn a servo into a servo winch. For those of you that want to build you own servo winch, we are happy to bring you the Locked UP RC Hogshead Winch Spool!

Made from 60Aluminum, these spools are stronger than and hold more line than a sewing bobbin screwed to a plastic horn. Axial – AXIC33AXIAX313AX313816874015800 .

Here is a link on how to turn a servo into a servo winch . What I am looking for is some idea of how to make a spool for a servo winch. Modifying a servo to become a winch is no problem, but I’m . Delrin spools for making servo winches. These spools are made of Acetal Delrin, They are very strong and very light! Dec 20- I have a couple of these working, I used pla might need do a little drilling in center and for line anchor, but the set screw hole is perfect for 3mm. I’m planning to make some DIY Drum Winches from regular servos following the instructions from Tony van Room and SRS.

So this is my newest version of a servo winch. I used a mini size servo because of its increased torque.

Jul 20- Axial SCXII Winch Spool Servo Mounts. This is the optional SCXII winch servo spool mount set. This will allow you to use a 3degree . War Pig’s all new ’34D – Page – RCCrawler. I love this rig, it just fits all the . This item is now in stock and ready to . Free Spool Servo Winch from Robert at KMS.

Up till now the strongest winch was the 220oz. Even that one will brake the 200-pound line.