Shellsol d60

Nov 20- ShellSol Dconsists predominantly of C10- Cparaffins and naphthenes. Deep hydrogenation gives this solvent a very low aromatic . Our aliphatic mineral spirits comprise the ShellSol D (de-aromatised) grades, the.

ShellSol TD – isoparaffin synthetic hydrocarbon solvent. This product is manufactured at more than one production site. Manufacturer or supplier’s details.

CH-10740-0100P, Shell Sol D6 Gallon-Plastic, $33.

Selected petroleum feedstocks highly refined and reacted with hydrogen to convert . According to OSHA Hazard Communication Standar . BUY Shellsol Dx 2litres CAS Registry Number 64742-88-ShellSol Dis a medium evaporating, high flash mineral spirit type hydrocarbon solvent. Click to Access The International MSDS Library! A description for this result is not available because of this site’s robots.

Jun 20- shellsol dis already used commonly by firespinners in australia and comes highly recommended as a cleaner-burning alternative to paraffin . SHELLSOL D(nový název KOHLENWASSERSTOFF D60) je uhlovodíkové rozpouštědlo tvořené směsí alifatických uhlovodíků (C10-C12). Stosuje się go do produkcji powłok budowlanych, konserwacji i impregnacji drewna, mycia i odtłuszczania, elektrodrążenia oraz wielu środków .

Hi Carsten, Here is a link to the Shellsol Dpdf.