Shower door 1750 high

Bathroom City’s vast range of Lakes reduced height shower doors 17height and cubicles provide a number of exclusive designs perfect for any modern shower installation when you have low ceilings. Our vast range of stylish quality reduced height shower doors provides a size and. Quadrant shower enclosure tray low he….

Reduced Height Shower Doors, Bi-Fol Pivot, Sliding, Corner Entry. Fully reversible for left or right hand opening; High quality corrosion-resistant . Does anyone know if you can buy reduced-height shower doors? With the current tray, which is about 240mm high, the highest door we .

The Lakes Collection offers a range of Shower Enclosures designed to complement any bathroom interior, from minimalist chic to Victorian splendour. Elegant walk-ins, shower enclosures and shower doors; Frameless and semi-frameless; 8mm and 10mm glass; Silver finish; 2m high . A reduced height shower enclosure; Only 1750mm high compared to 1850mm for most others; Available in 700mm, 800mm, 900mm widths; Tray not included . Aug 20- The width is fine, I can buy any number of bifold shower doors which will fit a hole that size, but they are all 18high. I know, but an improvement on 1850mm.

Wesley shower doors are made-to-measure to fit almost any situation, lofts, boats. Heights:1600mm,1650mm, 1700mm, 1750mm and1800mm; Widths: 610mm . Reduced height shower doors are just as stunning as their full height alternatives,. Lakes Reduced Height 8X17Semi Framed Pivot Shower Door Silver.