Shower tripping out

I’ve tried it on and off a few times – nothing, shower works for a second and trips it out again. There wasn’t a light on at the time but I guess that may be a possible . Dec 20- When switching on our shower to the hot switch it cuts off and trips the.

I should risk it and go for a new one. Shower tripping outpostsDec 2016New shower pump keeps tripping out the circuit breakerpostsNov 2016electric shower tripping rcdpostsMay 2016Shower blowing main fusepostsFeb 2006More from community. Domestic – Problem with shower tripping rcd. May 2014Problem with shower tripping rcd – Electrician Advice. May 2014Tripping electric shower – Electricians ForumpostsFeb 2012Domestic – My shower keeps tripping out.

It has been sugested to me that the Shower cans may be faulty , Is there any . The RCD did stop tripping for a while but the new (second hand). May I point out that earthing on a shower is the most important thing in the . Hi, My shower keeps tripping the RC straight away. Will just test across the terminals and work out the values.

Still – as soon as the ceiling switch is turned on – even if the shower is off – the RCD trips. However, If I then pull the pull cord to switch off the shower, it trips the consumer unit. On the higher temperature setting, I cannot use the pull .

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