Shurflo pressure switch adjustment

Simply adjusting the pressure switch on your water pump can make for a more pleasant showering experience. Bench Testing Shurflo 20- Adjusting Pressure Switch. SHURflo pump switches are factory set for optimum performance.

Adjustment procedures can result in high pressures and should be performed by qualified . Sep 20- I know there’s an adjustment screw on the head of the pump in the centre of the pressure switch. I think this adjusts cut in pressure, but it seems . Firstly, the delivery pressure is not adversely affected by small changes in the supply. On the Shurflo pump the pressure switch adjusted by rotating the centre . SF-2: ADJUST SHURFLO PRESSURE SWITCH. The Shurflo feed pumps are equipped with a high pressure cut out switch (EL-FP-PS).

Note: We recommend this be done by a . Once the pressure drops below a predetermined point, the pumps pressure switch closes and the pump operates. With the nozzle set at a fine mist the pump will . All Marine duty pumps have sealed switches and are finished with a. SHURflo offers various pumps models for different applications. CAUTION: Improper adjustment of the pressure switch, may cause severe overload or .