Sidewall sprinkler coverage area

Viking Quick Response Extended Coverage Horizontal Sidewall Sprinkler. Minimum Water Supply Requirement” for the next larger area listed. Jun 20- Viking Quick Response Extended Coverage Horizontal Sidewall Sprinkler VK6is a thermosensitive spray sprinkler available in several different finishes.

For areas of coverage smaller than shown, use the “Minimum . Jun 20- DRY TYPE UPRIGHT PENDENT SPRINKLERS. Sep 20- age areas detailed in Tables B and C. The recessed version of the Series.

TY-FRB Extended Coverage Horizon- tal Sidewall Sprinkler utilizes . Horizontal sidewall sprinklers are designed for installation along a wall or the side of a. For coverage area and sprinkler placement, refer to NFPAstandards. SW-provides protection of coverage areas up to ft. Spray pattern of a sidewall sprinkler.

Jun 19- I`m always amazed at the new ways sidewall sprinklers are being used in. Standard Spray Sprinkler Spacing (Area of Coverage). Standard spray coverage is up to: Light Hazard = 1square. Extended Coverage Horizontal Sidewall Sprinkler is an at- tractive. The Model G6-sprinkler is listed for a maximum service pressure.

However, it must be emphasized that Reliable sprinklers must be installed. Protection Areas per Sprinkler (Standard Sidewall Spray Sprinklers). Definition of the protection Aria of Coverage. K-Factor Horizontal Sidewall Sprinkler.

For coverage area dimensions less than or between those indicate use the minimum required . Nov 20- New Concealed Residential Sidewall Sprinkler Offers Larger Coverage Areas and Lower Pressure Requirements.