Slimline bowls

There are models of Almark bowl available in the UK, all of which are sold by Bowls World: the Arrow Bowl, the Almark Sterling Slimline and the . FREE DELIVERY WITHIN THE UK ON ALMARK BOWLS. Almark Sterling Slimline Bowls – Free Four Bowl Carrier (value £0).

Almark Sterling Slimline Bowls have a slimmer profile design with a mid-bias. Important things to consider when buying bowls. Nowadays, in general, bowlers don’t have a set of bowls for indoors and a different.

The Henselite Almark Slim Line bowl has been designed to feel more comfortable in the hand and has a mid-bias consistant draw.

Henselite Almark Sterling Slimline Coloured Bowls Set of 4. The Slimline is the most popular model in the Almark range. Available in sizes 00-in one weight (HM) only. Slimmer profile bowl with a mid-bias. Ideal for all surfaces and suitable for bowlers wanting to play the same set . Find great deals on eBay for Almark Sterling Bowls in Sporting Bowls.

Find great deals on eBay for Almark Bowls in Sporting Bowls. A slimline bowl with a medium bias; It is ideal for the slimmer hand; Features Progrip as standard; Supplied in a set of bowls; Images for illustration purposes .