Sockolet vs weldolet

I need to understand when to use a weldolet connection vs threadolet on any pressure class piping ( ANSI 15 60 90 1500). Sockolet vs Backwelded Threadolet – Pipelines, Piping.

May 2015weldolet and sockoletpostsFeb 2013Threadolet vs. Sep 2010Tees vs Weldolet in new piping system – Pipelines. People also askWhat is a Weldolet fitting?

Weldolet is the most common of all branch connections, and is welded onto the outlet pipe.

The ends are bevelled to facilitate this process, and therefore the weldolet is considered a butt-weld fitting. Weldolet’s are designed to minimize stress concentrations and provide integral reinforcement. Application of Weldolet and Sockolet. Piping Question: Nipple, Nipplet and NipoflangeOct 2010Weldolet vs. Reducing TeeDec 2009Half Coupling vs.

WeldoletNov 2008More from cr4. Branch Connection Fittings (MSS SP-97) – Weldolet , Sockolet. The weldolet and the sockolet both have a run end and a branch end.

The run end connects to the larger diameter pipe, and the branch end connects to.

Bonney Forge: Weldolet Installation. Tig Welding Stainless Steel – Walking the Cup vs TIG Finger.