Sprinkler head escutcheon

You can now buy fire sprinkler supplies direct and online at wholesale prices with volume discounts. We carry every sprinkler head cover, sprinkler escutcheon, . Feb 20- Most escutcheons are installed during system fitting and are not replaceable as-is without draining the system and removing the sprinkler head.

Escutcheon – Fire Sprinkler Cover – 4Solid Cup Steel – Comes in multiple colors. Jul 20- The Viking adjustable and recessed escutcheons are made to allow for. All escutcheon styles are made to thread onto the sprinkler head . Chrome Standard 4Fire Sprinkler Escutcheons-Sprinkler Head .

Do you have ol rusty escutcheons? Learn how easy it is to replace them yourself. Escutcheon Plates Sprinkler Head Guards. Escutcheon Plate – Adjustable Piece.

Protector Sprinkler Heads and Escutcheon Plates.