Sprinkler head guard for recessed escutcheons

Click here to get help with Sprinkler Head Guards and Escutcheons. Brecco Standard Sprinkler Head Guard For RECESSED Escutcheons, piece snap-on, . The Dry Pendent Sprinkler Guard is for use with Viking standard and large orifice, standard and.

Screws: Two 6-x ½” (Combination Head): Stainless Steel UNS-S41000. Sprinkler Head Guard Recessed – Recessed Sprinkler head guards are designed to provide protection of the sprinkler head against low level impacts. One piece double hook sprinkler guards.

Two piece universal sprinkler head guard.

One piece fire sprinkler head guards for recessed fire sprinkler escutcheons. One piece fire sprinkler headguard for use with recessed fire sprinkler heads. No need to remove the sprinkler hea just.

Info LynCar’s head guard with a threaded recessed escutcheon Wire guard is . Feb 20- sprinklers without escutcheons. Sprinkler Guard cannot be installed in recessed applications. Sprinkler Head Guard For Recessed Escutcheon,Chrome.

Chrome Recessed Fire Sprinkler Headguard made of Durable Wire Mesh.