Spurling pipe

Define spurling pipe: a pipe or tube through which an anchor chain passes to the chain locker below the deck of a ship. A tube through which anchor chain is led overboard from the windlass wildcat on deck through the ship side. A spurling pipe is a pipe that connects a vessels chain locker to the deck where the anchor gear is mounted.

Oct 19- Drawing attention to incidents of ingress of water through spurling pipes and how these can be prevented. A windlass is a machine used on ships that is used to let-out and heave-up equipment such. Chain stopper with security device 14.

What is the meaning of Spurling pipe?

Showing from over 20word lists. Spurling pipes and cable lockers are to be watertight up to the weather deck. Bulkheads between separate cable lockers (see Arrangement 1), or which form a . A pipe that connects to the chain locker, from which the anchor chain emerges onto the deck at the bow of a ship.

However, pipe and tube are often used interchangeably in steel lexicon, with a given label applied primarily as a matter. When one or more vessels are being towed. My idea was to install a spurling pipe (sometimes mixed up with Hawse Pipe it seems?) on the forepeak.

Here’s the general idea, hopefully it . We are sorry, but we have no definition of phrase: spurling pipe yet. Hawsepipe (10) or Spurling Pipe (11) ? I would have thought passing rope through the hawsepipe would be easy. The name spurling pipe is not commonly known, if indeed the OP does have a spurling pipe.

I would tend to call it a chain pipe or possibly a . The spurling pipe is the pipe between the chain locker and the weather deck. Another reason, which is now by far the most popular, is that when the spurling pipes are sealed with cement, this cement plug and seal would be prevented .