Standard tub faucet height

May 20- What height should the new handles be set to and how high should the. By setting it at (for a standard spout) it takes into consideration theĀ .

Is there a standard height for the spout? I usually rough the spout in at above the tub rim, shower valve above the spout, and the head at ft from the floor. Hello- I purchased the Price Pfister Ashfield Tub and Shower faucet, and installed it,.

What should be the height of the valve placement be? Nov 20- If you install a tub valve inches from the floor of your bathroom,. The standard installation height for any shower spout is inches, or feetĀ . If you are installing a new standard shower, user height is one of the most important things to.

When installing a bathtub faucet or tub shower divertor valve, the bathtub spout must terminate above the flood level rim of the bathtub a minimum of 2inches.