Steel flue

This flue pipe – stove pipe connects your appliance to your flue liner, twin wall flue or chimney. We supply standard flue pipe in two styles. We offer black enamel flue pipe in a standard matt finish, or glossy if specifie or stainless steel flue pipe.

Both are suitable to reline your chimney for use . Best online prices plus technical advice. UK Installation service also available. Our stainless steel flue pipe is manufactured from 3grade stainless steel; it has been specifically engineered to give an authentic flue pipe visual look, whilst .

Vitreous Enamelled Flue Pipe 6. Conforms to BS6999:19specification for vitreous enamel low carbon steel flue pipes for solid fuel burning appliances . Vitreous enamel and 316L stainless steel flue pipes all available with free next day delivery and free technical advice. Our range of stainless steel flue pipes and fittings in 1mm thickness are of very high quality. As well as being used for connecting flue pipes these can also be . Matt Black Steel Flue Pipe for use with Wood Burning or Multi Fuel Stoves 36inch x 5inch: The pipe come with a plain end and fluted end.

HETAS approved flexible flue liner for chimneys. High quality stainless steel construction for burning gas, oil, coal, coke and wood. These liners can provide a useful answer for relining certain types of chimney where it is best to fit a rigid system in an essentially straight chimney as the liners .

A range of chimney pipe manufactured in single wall grade 3stainless steel. Used for connections from the stove or appliance to either the chimney stack or a . Flexible stainless steel flue liners are available from Turner Baker Ltd for either multi fuel applications or for gas and oil appliances. May 20- 9grade is a higher grade stainless steel and thicker than 316. If you do not want to read any further: choose 9grade chimney flue liner if . AFlue Systems produces CE-Marke stainless steel flue pipes and free-standing chimneys for use on commercial flues. QSW 3is a single wall stainless flue pipe used to connect the wood burner to the flexible flue liner or twin wall flue.

Chimney Sweeping Stainless Steel Liners 90 90 twin wall. The main difference between fires and wood burning stoves is flue gas temperature.