Stokes vacuum pumps

For maximum performance and reliability, Stokes Microvac sets the standard as the industry most efficient rotary piston pump, with minimal maintenance and . The Edwards Microvac rotary piston pumps set the standard for performance and reliability as the industries most efficient, space saving design. A leading developer and manufacturer of sophisticated vacuum products,. We specialize in industrial, analytical and medical vacuum equipment.

Vactek is a dealer for various vacuum pump and PD blower manufacturers, we stock . Microvac Pump is a self-containe rotary, oil sealed piston type unit. The piston is driven by an eccentric mounted on the drive shaft .

V Lube F Piston Vacuum Pump Oil, Edwards Stokes V-Lube Grade F Oil Lubricant, for Mechanical Piston Vacuum Pumps, gallon, Edwards Stokes V-Lube . The Edwards Stokes Model 212J is a large 1CFM oil-sealed rotary piston vacuum pump that is the standard for industrial roughing vacuum applications. AVE is specialised in both routine pump repairs and complete workshop refurbishment of the larger Piston and Booster pumps including Stokes, Kinney and . Precision Plus offers high quality repair kits spare parts for a wide range of Stokes vacuum pumps, are guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications.

Stokes 412-1 Island Scientific supply a wide range of oil sealed belt driven rotary vacuum pumps from to 5CMH capacity. Parts for Stokes Vacuum Pumps (by Precision Plus). At Applied Vacuum Engineering we have expert staff to strip and service all Stokes. REBUILD AND STOKES VACUUM PUMP REPLACED ALL INTER COMPONENTS. STOKES VACUUM MICROVAC VACUUM PUMP.

Stokes 412J rotary piston vacuum pump, 3cfm, ultimate pressure of x -Torr. VPR Pump Rebuilding Repair Services, Sales and Rentals. Stokes rotary piston vacuum pumps, 1to 9H J series, ultimate pressure of x -Torr. The Stokes Model 412H-is a large 3CFM oil-sealed rotary piston vacuum pump that is the standard for industrial roughing vacuum applications. Gas ballast – standard on all models.

Our Stokes vacuum piston pumps come rebuilt with a one year warranty. We also offer blower packages and repair service.