Storz fittings

Storz couplings have an identical locking head with no separate male or female halves and are available with BSP male and female threads, or serrated hose . Fire Fittings – Hose Couplings, Adaptors, Blank Caps, Washers and Spanners. When deciding which pattern Storz fire fittings you require the most important information we require is the ‘lug-space’ or ‘KA’ measurement.

Within the German Storz range you will find fire. Not only that, but all our Storz DIN Suction Couplings are available at . Intrico stock Storz hose couplings and Storz fittings. Adapters for Australian Fire Brigades Country Fire Services.

Feuer-Vogel, manufacturer an producer of STORZ-couplings and und Fire deleting fittings, good prices, large store,. Galvanized drinking water couplings. Storz is a type of hose coupling invented by Carl August Guido Storz in 18that connects using interlocking hooks and flanges. Storz quick release lugged hose couplings, fittings adaptors and reducers in aluminium alloy, stainless steel and brass by Ralco Tubings Ltd.

Storz couplings set come with all the parts you need to add a storz coupling set to a or inch rubber covered hose.