Swirl valve

Swirl flaps are small butterfly valves fitted to the intake manifold just before the cylinder head intake ports of many modern automotive diesel engines, including . Removing BMW’s factory fitted swirl flaps are a necessity for all BMW diesel owners with affected engines. Swirl flaps are designed to create swirl or tumble of the air to aid better combustion under light load where soot levels tend to be dominant because of the lack of .

Vectra C swirl valve actuator movement. This is the result of the swirl flaps failing as they do on some BMW diesels. Common problem on modern diesel Alfa Romeo cars.

They’re not part of the EGR system, the EGR system is just what causes the problems with the swirl flap’s seizing when the EGR gasses mix . JTD 1in today and of the metal swirl flaps have broken off, one went in to the cylinder and mashed up . We offer a swirl flap removal service. This page will help to answer the FAQ when considering inlet manifold flap removal.

I think the first thing to state is this is not claimed to be a permanent repair-no one currently doing this mod knows how long it will last so it has to be viewed as a . Before you start, check out the new guide on page which provides slightly easier instructions and a link to a much cheaper swirl flap bar . I now want to establish if the swirl valves . The number of inquiries regarding the swirl flaps on the 1. CDTi 16V engines (engine codes Z19DTH and Z19DTJ) seem to be on the . Jun 20- Pierburg manifolds, as used in modern diesel vehicles, often have swirl or tumble flaps in their inlet ports. Our repair kit in this listing addresses the common failure of the BMW swirl flap butterfly valves located within the intake manifold.