Thermostatic cartridge stuck

Hello all: I have a very old Rubinet shower mixer with a stuck cartridge I can’t remove. I have posted a picture, and you can see a clear seam . Replacing thermostatic cartridge Bathstore Metro showerpostsApr 2015help with removing thermostatic shower cartridgepostsJan 2013Mixer shower not hot, cartridge or not?

How to remove a cartridge after the head becomes separated from the . If I look at the installation manual, it says the thermostatic cartridge can be removed and. I can only assume it is stuck due to crud build up etc. Jan 20- Ive been told by many that its the thermostatic cartridge. Shower thermostatic cover stuck fast!

Free repair help – removing cartridge bristan thermostatic shower prism. This was stuck cm down a deep hole with nothing to grip on to remove it. Hi, I had similar problem getting a Vado cartridge out which after removing the. It’s possibly stuck due to lime scale wouldn’t be the first time iv . Bristan shower and have traced the problem to the thermostatic cartridge.

The problem now is that I can’t seem to get the existing cartridge out. How do I remove a stuck shower cartridge? Mira Discovery Cartridge Assembly Pack Spare – 1595.

Thermostatic cartridge stuck inside shower. This question is regarding Mira Discovery Cartridge .