Thetford cassette toilet not flushing

Hi, I have just been checking the toilet out but its not flushing. There is water and chemical in the header tank, I have had the motor out and its . ItDVpmR1L4sSimilarJul 20- Uploaded by Reubix Inc.

Tried swapping fuses and troubleshooting boards. A very quick, hastily thrown together video of how I got my thetford cassette toilet to flush again. Don’t want to tell granny how to suck eggs but Thetford have a very good.

Using there troubleshooting tips I removed toilet roll well and released.

Mine was a amp blade fuse that slotted into the roof of the cassette . Hi our thetford toilet has stopped flushing for no reason – its the electric. First thing to check though is the fuse at the back of the cassette area. Thetford Toilet Won’t Flush – posted in Caravan Toilet: Just got back from a. I have a Swift 4Freestyle 20and on our last outing the Thetford C2toilet will not flush I checked the amp fuse which had blown . Manual Flush Not Working On Thetford Cassette C- posted in Caravan Toilet: Hi all this is my first forum.

I take it the pump is under the cover where the lever and flush button are? The Thetford site, though not particularly good at assisting diagnosis,.

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