Thetford cassette toilet won t flush

Thetford Toilet Won’t Flush – posted in Caravan Toilet: Just got back from a trip. I found a amp fuse at the back of the hatch for the cassette, . Don’t want to tell granny how to suck eggs but Thetford have a very good.

Tried swapping fuses and troubleshooting boards. THETFORD CASSETTE CARAVAN TOILET NOT FLUSHING. So don’t pull on the thin white electrical. Free repair help – thetford cassette toilet wont flush.

Hi, I have just been checking the toilet out but its not flushing. I’m surprised the fuse for the toilet flush hasn’t blown. Peter’s advice above is correct but only if the model is a CCassette Toilet.

Last week our thetford C2toilet stopped flushing I’ve put a. I remove cassette which is located top left of . Thetford cassette toilet flushCaravans and Caravanning.