Thetford toilet problems

May 20- A loo was one of the main features that we wanted in a motorhome, it gives us the ability to stop anywhere and not worry about where we can . Tried swapping fuses and troubleshooting boards. Hi, I have a Thetford Cassette Porta Potti and half way through my weeken.

The electronic flush on my toilet packed in recently, on inspection the 3amp fuse had blown, just above where the cassette. One nice feature of the Thetford RV toilet is the fact that Aqua Magic parts are readily available. As a result, repairing rather than replacing the RV toilet is a . Free repair help – flush thetford cassette toilet.

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Solution Hello, I have recently purchased a Dethleffs motorhome with a swivel type Thetford cassette toilet which uses the water from the . Since new the toilet bowl has leaked fluid into . I’ve had similar problems before it turned out to be the reservoir pump getting lazy, particularly after a period of non-use. The Thetford website page with the link to repair info.

Edit:- Assuming that you have a C2type toilet you will find the . Hi, we arrived for a long weekend in the lakes and on arrival the flush pump wouldn’t work, it was fine the last time we used it about a month . We’ve been away for a few days and I noticed pink flush water seaping under the toilet base into the bathroom. Potty training cleaning are straightforward and repairs are seldom needed. Here are a few tips for users of Thetford toilets:.

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