Tmv2 shower valve

Horne to spe- cifically address the issue of scalding and allow warm water to be delivered safely to baths and showers. The solution lies in thermostatic mixing valves which allow water to be stored and distributed at high temperatures with outlet temperature being . The Saracen thermostatic mixing valve (15mm 22mm models) is.

Dfor thermostatic mixing valves. Feb 20- However, TMV2-approved valves and TMV3-approved valves offer different levels of protection, which are suitable for different applications. Installation and Maintenance Instructions. In this procedure document we have endeavoured to make the information .

Dual exposed shower valve finished in chrome; Dimensions : 185mm Diameter Projection from wall: 154mm; Anti Scald Technology; Ceramic Disc Technology . What is a Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV)? How quickly does a TMV adapt when a user changes the tap or shower water temperature? As a market leader in thermostatic technology, Reliance Water Controls supplies advanced safety valves that meet the demands of all washroom environments, . TMVIs Independent Safety Certification. TMVapproved thermostatic valves provide protection against scalding by automatically .