Triton enrich shower problems

If there is not enough mains water pressure to operate an electric shower what can be done. If an out of guarantee shower unit has a fault, what can be done? Installation and operating instructions.

DO NOT operate the shower if water ceases to flow during use or if water has entered inside the unit because. My Triton Enrich shower has stopped working. The power light is on but no water is coming out. At first I thought that maybe the pump was dead .

Triton enrich commissioning problempostsSep 2016Electric Shower Stopped Working. Has power but no waterpostsJan 2014shower going hot and coldpostsJul 2008Electric Shower keeps cutting outpostsAug 2006More from community. In this quick guide, George lists most common electric shower problems we encounter.

I have just installed a Triton Enrich Electric Shower 9. W with a single cold water feed and I am having problems with it running very hot then . Discuss Triton Cara electric shower problems in the Bathrooms, Showers and. The Cara and the Enrich both have thermostat cut outs that should kill the water . First check that the main valve coming into your house is fully open. Then check all the valves on the line to the shower is fully open.

Oct 20- The triton enrich needs a minimum bar pressure so you are on the limit, you also need a minimum flow rate, I would suggest it is a . I used to have problems like this in my old house and it was due to .