Turbo 350 vacuum modulator adjustment

As far as the adjustment, the screw is inside the tube where the vacuum line pushes on the modulator. Like CPT sai turn it in for a quicker shift . I want to adjust my modulator to get the shifts to come a little later.

If you do, simply unplug the vacuum line at the valve and insert a small . Also, the modulator is hooked up and I screwed the adjustment in . T-4Modulator or Governor Upshift? Mar 2010T- 3Kick Down cable adjustment?

Jul 19- I tried to adjust the vaccuum modulator on my TH 3in my Z28. If I was you I’d rebuild (if needed) the turbo 400. I have used the 3engine and turbo 3transmission out of a heavy. The modulator screw is right beind the vacuum hose, just remove the . Simply adjust the screw inside the vacuum nipple for more or less diaphragm pre-load. The speed Turbohydramatic 3and its big brother the TH4were some of GM’s.

Aftermarket vacuum modulators have an adjustment screw inside that can . I think the adjustable Vac modulators only have a 3-5mph range. Sounds like you need the Governor calibration kit to adjust your shift points.